Death, to die


I don’t know if I already mentioned this in one entry, anyway this is a good moment as death is overwhelmly present in Toraja, specially the exposed bodies.

Well I’m not afraid of Death anymore, I don’t know exactly since when. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want to die EVER, and ever is a long time, at least as long as it takes to understand what time is :D. That’s what this blog is about 😉

Is just that in the past, specially as a kid, the idea of death was almost the only thing that terrified me. Well that and stitches, but stitches where less common.

Now I accept it as one possible (and highly provable), although undesirable, outcome of my life. Quite obvious afterall.

But  I’m at peace with the thought that one day I might cease to exist, even tomorrow. I want to finish  the day at least 😀 (I’m ok too with the thought that it might end it up now, That’s how I realized I don’t fear death)

I had an extremely good, happy and lucky life, in which I’ve been able to do what I wanted (still i miss jogging on the moon, but oh well).

I’m deeply aware of how fortunate that is. How fortunate to simply live doing what fills you up, to live in a epoch with so much knowledge on your finger tips and travel available for anyone that really is willing to (not to the moon though). And a society that allows you to do so.

I guess at some point I achieved internal peace and with that being afraid of death or worrying about it goes away. Or maybe is something different…

It’s a pity that i didn’t realize the time around when this happened. I just was aware of it when thinking that you could die and the though didn’t worry me at all. Had I.realized when that final change happened I would have more clues on why it happened.

I’ll  share my thoughts if I find another reason.

Now I just share the excitement of discovery 🙂


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