Independent mountain crossing of West Papua bird head peninsula Sorong to Manokwari on the Mountains, integrated Dante cross.


I did this trek and it took me 4 days. There are 100km give or take of Mountain road, plus another hell Mountain bit later on (more on that later).

Here is the GPS track of the interesting mountain crossing bit.

And I’ve put several viewpoints in OpenStreetMap using, when I have time I’ll add other info like towns using a better editing program. If you download the West Papua map you shall have them as reference. Anyway there are not that many options there to get lost.

First, how to get to the interesting bit.
The interesting bit is 100km, where only your 2 legs (and an excavator :D) will get you trough.

Second, the interesting bit, 100km of unpaved, rainforest mountain road. Hanging bridge, excavator river crossing, and bow and arrow hunters!

Third hellish hitchhike. Integrated Dante road (hell and Paradise all at the same time) Well is just my personal experience, you can ignore it and just Head Manokwary, it’s easy 🙂


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